I’m always up for new products and using myself as a guinea pig. This product was introduced to me by a pediatric dental colleague. Its called Advantage Arrest and its main component is silver diamine fluoride.

It claims to arrest ( stop cavities ) at the enamel level so no fillings are necessary. It can be used on surfaces visible or accessible to the dentist.

I, unfortunately was not a good candidate for this trial as I have no surface cavities. At the same time, I diagnosed my daughter with a small cavity on a baby tooth. Fortune would have it, I found the product and tried it on her. She was thrilled she would remain undrilled!!!

I applied the advantage arrest twice and monitored the tooth with x-rays. The cavity did not enlarge and the surface remained hard.

A week ago, the cavity tooth fell out and I examined the area. It indeed arrested!!!

The discovery was amazing…
I was thrilled. She was thrilled… No drill
The only con was that it turns the area black.
In teeth destined to come out, this is fine but Im not sure how many adults would agree to this treatment to avoid the drill.

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I recently had a patient who came to the office concerned about the metal in conventional implants and fillings. She came to the office originally to have her mercury fillings replaced by white composites. She was missing a tooth in the back and several dentists recommended an implant. She was hesitant to have a traditional titanium metal implant placed and found our office because we offer the newest technology which is a ceramic implant.

A year ago, I came across a new company from Spain, which has a patent to produce all white ceramic implants and is FDA approved. We started to offer these implants in lieu of the traditional metal implants for patients concerned with metal and for cases involving the front teeth. The brand we use is called Cera-Root and we have gotten great results from the implants.