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Brighter Smiles Through Better Dentistry

At New York General Dentistry, we offer dental care the way it should be — personalized to your needs, without judgment, and focused on your comfort.

We believe you’ll feel better when you have our undivided attention. Every appointment at our office is relaxed and unhurried, allowing a full hour to give you the 1-on-1 care your health and smile deserve. In a rush and on your lunch break? Don’t worry, we’ll work with your schedule. We simply believe it’s best to have extra time if you need it!

Dr. Chern is focused on meeting your unique needs and improving your total health and wellness. You’ll leave our dental office feeling confident and empowered.

COVID-19 and Patient Safety

In these trying times as New Yorkers, we want you to feel safe while receiving your dental care. The following protocols have been implemented by our team to make you feel secure and to ensure that we do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please note that our team of specialists has undergone extensive training on COVID-19 prevention measures and have all been tested for antibodies.

  • When booking an appointment, we will ask a few routine questions about medical health and recent illness.
  • Appointment booking times will be spaced longer apart to minimize any contact with patients leaving or coming to their appointment.
  • We will take a contact-free temperature reading taken during check-in and hand sanitizer will be given to each patient prior to being seated.
  • Waiting in the reception area will not be necessary. You will be immediately seated upon arrival.
  • We have ordered additional disposable isolation for staff and patients alike.
  • We have installed UV air filters in each operator to provide filtered air.
  • We will be offering contactless check-out and scheduling. Any further appointments or copayments will be made virtually.
  • Additional precautions may be added pending CDC, WHO, and ADA recommendations.

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Your Appointment at New York General Dentistry

Relaxing and unhurried

Friendly and gentle

Caring & judgment-free

Focused on your health

Your health and your time are valuable.

Our conveniently located Midtown East dentist office offers modern, state-of-the-art care and a one-of-a-kind experience. Dr. Chern believes you’ll feel better and more confident if your appointment is relaxed and unhurried. That’s why we set aside a full hour for every patient appointment.

Don’t worry — if you’re on a tight schedule, headed to work, or don’t need the full hour, that’s not a problem. We simply believe it’s best to have extra time if we need it.

Most importantly, your appointment at New York General Dentistry will be caring and without judgment. No matter how long it’s been since your last dental appointment, you’ll leave feeling confident and empowered.

Everyone deserves a smile they love!

Your First Visit

During your first visit to our office in Midtown East, Dr. Chern and her Manhattan team will:

  • Show you around our office
  • Discuss your dental and medical history
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Perform a thorough teeth cleaning
  • Examine your teeth and gums, creating the best dental treatment plan just for you.

Comprehensive Dental Services in NYC

From teeth whitening to root canals, New York General Dentistry is here for all your dental needs. As a top-rated dental practice, we offer a wide range of dental procedures and products to help you achieve a smile that is as healthy as it is beautiful.

Our dentistry services include:

Our approach to dentistry is designed around creating a judgment-free and relaxing environment for whatever dental services you need. Whether you’re in need of significant oral health services or are in the market for cosmetic dentistry, our team and NYC dentist Dr. Inna Chern would be happy to have you as a patient.

What Makes Our Office the Right Fit for Your Dental Needs?

Personalized Care

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to dental bridges. Dr. Chern will evaluate your missing teeth, working closely with our team to create a custom solution.

Comfortable Office

Our bright and modern Midtown East Manhattan office was designed with you in mind. Enjoy a calming atmosphere and comfortable amenities to help you feel at ease.

Health-First Approach

New York General Dentistry uses modern techniques and equipment to ensure your dental bridge treatment is a success.

Let’s Brighten Your Smile!

New York General Dentistry is always welcoming new patients to our Midtown East dentist office.

Feel free to send a text to (929) 244-8140 or call (212) 838-0842

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