Pain-Free Cleanings with AIRFLOW Technology

Pain-Free Cleanings with AIRFLOW Technology

by Dr. Inna Chern | March 14th, 2022

Many patients, unfortunately, avoid or delay their routine dental cleanings and checkups because they are afraid of pain and discomfort associated with their regular cleanings. Traditional dental tools can cause minor discomfort that many patients would rather avoid. For this reason, Dr. Chern is proud to offer treatment using the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master, a unique device that effectively cleans the teeth with absolutely zero pain. The technology is capable of producing superior results compared to traditional dental cleanings while offering a pain-free experience for patients.

Erythritol-Based Formula

Erythritol is one of the main ingredients in the AIRFLOW PLUS Powder. It is a biocompatible component (naturally found in the human body) and is also used as an artificial sweetener that has some surprising benefits for your oral health. Unlike other sugars that are broken down by harmful bacteria and create cavities, erythritol prevents sugars and cavity-causing bacteria from building up on the teeth. Considering its biocompatibility and solubility, erythritol is the perfect ingredient for a gentle yet powerful tooth-cleaning product.

Pain-Free Cleanings 

For patients, the major benefit of AIRFLOW treatment is that the technique is gentle to the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Rather than using traditional metal tools such as cavitrons and piezos, air/water and powder are used to remove biofilm and plaque from the teeth and gums. This technology comfortably and safely removes biofilm (plaque and tartar) and stains from the teeth. It is great for sensitive patients as the water flow temperature can be warmed or cooled as per the patients’ needs. This improves your oral health and creates a better patient experience!

Removing Biofilm to Protect Your Teeth

Treatment using the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master is known as Guided Biofilm Therapy(GBT). Biofilm is the sticky film that can develop on the surface of the teeth, more commonly known as dental plaque. Biofilm consists of microscopic organisms such as bacteria that can grow to excessive numbers, especially in the presence of sugar or due to improperly balanced pH. Biofilm may be visible as a soft white or yellow substance on the teeth. If not removed while still in this soft stage, the biofilm will harden. This ultimately results in a number of complications, including bad breath, receding gums, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and tooth decay or cavities. While you can remove biofilm at home through your normal oral hygiene routine, a professional cleaning is the most effective way to remove all excess biofilm and prevent these issues.

Guided Biofilm Therapy with AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master

During your AIRFLOW treatment, you will first rinse using a specialized mouthwash that discloses areas of biofilm and makes them visible for treatment. Dr. Chern and the hygienist will then show you any disclosed biofilm so you can more accurately clean trouble spots at home and improve your oral health outside of the dentist’s office. Next, the AIRFLOW MAX and AIRFLOW PLUS Powder are used to remove all biofilm. The air used can be temperature controlled to accommodate sensitive teeth, and the powder gently cleans the teeth compared to traditional polishes. Removing traditional polishing steps also reduces any unnecessary abrasion or potential damage to the teeth. Next, small scalers are used to check for any remaining areas of plaque and calculus. Finally, your results can be reviewed and a treatment plan for routine cleaning appointments can be established.

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Scheduling routine cleanings and checkups are crucial to your oral health. Rather than addressing problems when they arise, this preventative care helps you maintain good health long-term and avoid serious issues. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Chern in Midtown East, call New York General Dentistry at (212) 838-0842 or contact us online.

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