Keeping Invisalign Affordable

by DLM Developer | January 18th, 2024

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional metal braces that works by adjusting your teeth with a series of clear aligners. These clear aligners are much less noticeable than metal brackets, so Invisalign is especially appealing for adults. One benefit people might not be aware of, however, is the affordability of Invisalign which makes it possible…

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Invisalign for Adults: Invest In Your Smile

by Dr. Inna Chern | July 18th, 2021

Having braces as an adult can present some unique challenges. Not only can it be difficult to adjust your diet, but it can feel like braces are the only thing people see. Achieving a healthy, straight and radiant smile can be its own reward so it’s important to know that Invisalign can help! Here’s what…

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