Revolutionizing Dental Cleanings: The Benefits of Airflow Technology

by Dr. Inna Chern | April 15th, 2024

Not many people look forward to their dental cleanings. Especially when they are reminded of the poking, prodding, and flossing that leaves their gums feeling sensitive. While dental cleanings in any form are incredibly important for maintaining your oral health, a better, more comfortable way to clean your teeth exists. Thanks to the airflow technology…

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Root Canals: Debunking Myths and Understanding the Procedure

by Dr. Inna Chern | February 23rd, 2024

There are lots of myths about a variety of different dental procedures, but perhaps no procedure has more myths and misconceptions surrounding it than the root canal. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common myths and what the truth actually is. Myth: Root canal treatment is painful The pain level is…

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Combating Bleeding Gums: Causes and Effective Treatments

by Dr. Inna Chern | January 18th, 2024

Though fairly common, bleeding gums can be an unwelcome surprise during your day and lead to anxieties about your oral care. To compound this, there are a multitude of potential causes of bleeding gums, making it harder to determine the issue on your own. At New York General Dentistry, we understand your concerns and are…

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The Connection Between Stress and Oral Health

by Dr. Inna Chern | December 8th, 2023

Did you know that your stress levels are linked to your oral health? On days that you are not feeling your best mentally, putting extra care into your dental routine is extremely important to keep your teeth and gums clean and in good health. Learn more about the mental health link to poor dental health,…

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