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“I am a severe gagger and can’t tolerate dental impressions and x-rays… what are my options?”

What is the iTero Element Scanner?

When it comes to many different dental treatments and procedures, your dentist will need to have a detailed model of your teeth and gums (cast record). In the past, this process entailed messy impressions and expensive lab models in order to give a rendering of your mouth. This process was often uncomfortable or had adverse side effects such as gagging. Today, however, the latest in technology allows us to recreate a 3D rendering of the teeth and gums using non-invasive, radiation-free scanning in under 5 minutes. Dr. Chern uses the iTero Element Scanner to enhance your dental treatment experience so you’re comfortable and worry-free The scanner provides a detailed rendering of your teeth and is also an excellent educational tool.

The iTero Element Scanner is advanced dental technology which provides a more accurate model of the teeth and oral tissues. 

The iTero Element Scanner produces 3D renderings of the teeth and gum tissue with a quick and easy appointment. It can be used for a variety of treatments, including:

  • Crown fabrication
  • Dental implant impressions
  • Veneers fabrication 
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Invisalign
  • Nightguard fabrication
  • Time Lapse capability to track recession and enamel wear
  • Invisalign simulation ability in under 1 minute
  • 5D technology to monitor potential cavities

Benefits of the iTero Element Scanner

Radiation-Free Treatment

With this new technology, there’s no need to worry about radiation that comes with other options like x-rays. It instead uses laser energy to map out your teeth and oral tissue, letting Dr. Chern see an immediate topographical image of your mouth.

No Impressions Needed

Impressions can be uncomfortable at best. The iTero Element Scanner eliminates the need for messy, unpleasant impressions. There’s no need to re-take impressions, either, since the iTero Element Scanner produces extremely accurate results.

Fast Results

With traditional impressions, it can take quite a few extra steps to create appliances like Invisalign and nightguard models. The iTero Element Scanner produces immediate results that can be used to fabricate your treatment devices.

The iTero Element Scanner Treatment Process and What to Expect

The scanner uses a small hand-piece which Dr. Chern directs at your teeth and gums to collect imaging data. This data is then processed and visualized by the iTero machine, creating detailed 3D models of your teeth and gums. Unlike other systems, Dr. Chern can move the hand-piece along with the teeth and gums as necessary without interrupting the imaging. This process is fast, safe, and doesn’t cause discomfort, like traditional impressions or x-rays. Afterward, you can return home without side-effects.

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The iTero Element Scanner is one of the best ways to make sure your dental treatment is accurate, comfortable, and effective. To learn more about your options with intraoral scanners rather than impressions or x-rays, we invite you to contact our office by calling or filling out our online form. Dr. Chern can create the right treatment plan for you using our best technologies!

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