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What to expect from your Zoom bleaching appointment 


1. You should know: Bleaching procedures offer the best results when preceded by cleaning.

2. Dr. Chern will evaluate your teeth and take pictures of your smile, taking note of the current shade of your teeth.

3. She’ll gently pumice your teeth to remove stains and then apply a vitamin E balm to protect your lips. 

4. She’ll then apply Zoom Gel to your teeth and allow it to do its work. This takes about 15 minutes.

5. You’ll receive 3-4 applications of Zoom Gel depending on the level of whitening you’d like to achieve. Between applications, Dr. Chern will examine your teeth and make sure the treatment is proceeding as planned. 

6. After the treatment is completed (it’ll take about an hour), you’ll get instructions on how to keep your pearly whites from restaining in the next 24-48 hours.

7. Together with Dr. Chern, you’ll review before and after photos so you can see the amazing progress you’ve made!

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Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Will Be…

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Talk with Dr. Chern about the smile you’re hoping to achieve; she’s a teeth whitening dentist who will listen and deliver care to make your smile dreams a reality!

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There’s never any judgement at our Midtown East teeth whitening office. We make it a point to ensure every experience with us is comfortable and stress-free.


Through high-tech, modern treatments and techniques, we’re proud to offer you safe and effective teeth whitening services that really work.

“I have been Dr. Chern’s patient for several years now and I have no intention of ever finding another dentist. When you find an amazing dentist, you stick with them. She’s honest, professional, and knows what she’s doing. Her staff is just as amazing.”

– David K.

Brighten Your Smile & Brighten a Child’s Day

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“There are many ways to achieve the smile of your dreams. Let’s talk about how we can make it happen.”

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Sundays – Available by request for special cases and dental emergencies

Paying for Your Visit

I have insurance…

Awesome! At New York General Dentistry, we work with many PPO insurance plans and will help maximize your benefits.

I don’t have insurance…

Talk to us about your options! We offer payment and financing plans to help you afford treatment. Call us at (212) 838-0842 to learn more or contact us online.

“One of the most wonderful dentists I have ever been to. Inna is kind, compassionate, and truly cares about her patients. I was always afraid of dentists until I met Inna. Highly recommend her for any dentistry needs – and if you would like your dentist to be your new best friend!”

– Abhi G.

Let’s Brighten Your Smile!

New York General Dentistry is always welcoming new patients.

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