Your Complete Guide to Vivera Clear Retainers

Your Complete Guide to Vivera Clear Retainers

by DLM Developer | February 15th, 2023

If your dentist recommended wearing a retainer after you finished your braces or Invisalign treatment, you may have envisioned traditional retainers made with wires and a special acrylic retainer material. It might surprise you to learn that you now have the option of continuing your Invisalign treatment with clear retainers or switching to custom clear retainers altogether. Clear Vivera retainers are made by the makers of Invisalign and come with many different benefits. Here’s what to know about them and how Dr. Inna Chern can help you maintain your new smile.

Why Do I Need Retainers?

Braces and clear aligners like Invisalign are incredibly effective at straightening crooked or misaligned teeth over time. Unfortunately, the teeth shifting back to their initial position is a problem for many people. Retainers are one of the best ways to keep this from happening, preventing future orthodontic treatment and saving you money.

How Do Vivera Retainers Work?

Vivera retainers are made with the same clear plastic material as Invisalign. The difference is that Vivera retainers are meant to be worn according to your dentist’s instructions (which could be full-time, just like Invisalign, or as often as a few nights per week). As with Invisalign, Vivera retainers fit perfectly on your teeth because they’re made with a 3D scan rather than traditional impressions. You can easily remove them to eat, and you don’t have to worry about them being visible when you wear them.

How Much Do Vivera Retainers Cost?

Vivera retainers tend to cost more than other plastic retainer brands because they’re made with the same durable material as Invisalign. These retainers generally cost anywhere between $500-$1,000. It’s important to know that this cost typically includes four retainers so that you have multiple sets. Because Vivera retainers should be replaced regularly, this means you get 1-2 years of wear out of a single order. If you’re concerned about your budget, our team can also adjust the number of retainers in your order or help you explore our financing options.

How to Clean Clear Retainers

Keeping your Vivera retainers clean is the best way to ensure they don’t get stained. Make sure to rinse them with water every time you take them out or put them in, and clean them as often as you wear them. The best way to clean clear plastic retainers like Vivera is by brushing them with a soft bristle toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste. Additionally, Invisalign offers a cleaning system for its aligners and retainers with specialized cleaning crystals to remove stains and bacteria. You simply soak your retainers for 15 minutes once per week. Our team can show you the best ways to take care of your new retainers during an appointment.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re interested in learning more about Vivera retainers, Dr. Chern can help. To schedule an appointment at New York General Dentistry, schedule an appointment at our Midtown East Manhattan office by calling or booking online.

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