Why Choose the iTero Element Scanner?

Why Choose the iTero Element Scanner?

by Dr. Inna Chern | July 1st, 2020

Dental technology is constantly improving, meaning higher quality and more comfortable care for the patient. Dr. Chern is now using the newly developed iTero Element Scanner in her practice to create precise and accurate models of the teeth using a method that is both more efficient for her practice and more comfortable and simpler for the patient. Here are a few reasons why New York General Dentistry has chosen the iTero Element Scanner. 

Avoid Mess & Discomfort

For years, patients had to undergo impressions for their dentist or orthodontist to create models of their teeth. This involved goopy trays that were messy and uncomfortable. Many patients are familiar with the gagging sensation that traditional impressions can cause. 

The iTero Element Scanner is a high-tech replacement for these impressions. Instead of waiting for the impressions to solidify with bulky trays over the teeth, a small handpiece is used to scan the teeth and gums in only a few minutes. There are no messy materials to deal with, and the patient can feel more relaxed and comfortable as the images are collected. Patients can relax and comfortably breathe throughout the procedure, which typically takes just three to five minutes.

Precise Technology

One of the major benefits of the iTero scanner is that it creates precise and accurate 3D models of the patient’s teeth. The images are produced in real-time as the dentist scans the teeth. In addition, these digital models allow your dentist or orthodontist to effectively predict changes to the teeth because of their proposed treatment plan by simply and easily manipulating the images.

Easy and Efficient 

While the technology used in iTero imaging is advanced and radiation-free, it is intuitive to use, and dental professionals can quickly master the program to best serve their patients. The machine is also relatively small, meaning that it fits seamlessly into the office for added convenience. Finally, the software makes it simple for your dentist to save data, allowing them to focus more on your care without worrying about losing track of records. 

Many Uses

There are many circumstances that require your dentist to create a model of your teeth and gums, meaning there are many applications that make the iTero Element Scanner useful. In particular, the program is designed to work seamlessly with Invisalign technology, making it simple for your dentist to develop an Invisalign plan for you in real-time. The iTero scanner can also be useful in restorative and implant dentistry as your dentist works to create crowns, veneers, or dental implants. Finally, there are some instances when your dentist will wish to make a model of the teeth during a routine exam. For example, the iTero scanner can be helpful in visualizing cavities or other tooth decay or damage. With its time-lapse technology, it also allows patients to visualize quantitative changes in their mouth ( ie enamel wear, recession, and tooth movement). Itero takes the patient education experience to the highest level of technology. You will be able to see an exact rendering of what Dr. Chern and her team see.

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